Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Acupuncture and Prolapse

Prolapse of Rectum

Prolapse of rectum indicates a condition in which the rectum and the intestinal mucous membrane fall out of the anus. It is often observed in children and old people and is due to the weakness of the tissues supporting the rectum. Congenital hypoplasia of children and deformity of the sacral bone may result in weakness and flaccidity of muscular levator and perianal tissues. When rectum loses it support from these tissues, it falls and projects out of the anus. In addition, chronic constipation, diarrhoea and dysuria can also cause the illness.

Clinical Manifestation

Prolapse of the rectum is chronic with a slow onset. At the early stage, the rectum only prolapse on the passage of stool and then returns back spontaneously. But if not treated timely or when the patients is very weak, prolapse may occur at anytime when the patient coughs, cries, stands and squats. Spontaneous return become impossible. The recurrent prolapse may lead to congestion, oedema and ulcer of the rectum and the sensation of discomfort around the anus. Dirrhoea and constipation will create prolapse of anus more serious.

Compare: Prolapse of Uterus [ Ketumbungan]

Acupuncture Treatment

Main points DU1 Changqiang, Ren1 Huiyin, B20, B23 and St 36

Homeopathic Medication

Lyco., Phos., Sil., Arnica Mont., Hammemelis, Thuja, Hepr Sulp., Collisonia.

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