Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rare cases Cured by Acupuncture
By Dr. Lohiya India

Case 1
Primary Muscle Disease ( Duchenne Myopathy)-
A boy 10 years of age R/O Sambalpur diagnosed as a case od PMD at Medical College, CPK was high, Under treatment for last 2 years. gradually improving. A boy 15 yrs old, R/o Hyderabad, under treatment intermittently for last 3 years, gradually improving. CPK has come down from 18300 to 3650. though incurable, the disease process may be retarded or halted in many such cases. Male 20 yrs R/O Aurangabad had waddling gait, wasting of muscles, gradual deterioration, EMG & raised CPK confirmed diagnosis of late onset limb girdle type of myopathy. The patient last 5 years. He can now walk three times more distance than that before treatment. Instead of deteriorating in its normal course, patient is improving.

Case 2:
Want to avoid surgery for Knee pain ?-

Male 72 yrs R/O Aurangabad suffering from Osteo-Arthitis both Knees, treated by acupuncture & Moxibustion for 3 months. Male 69 yrs R/O Amravati needed support to get up from sitting posture. Completely relieved after 10 days treatment. Started morning walk for 4 kms daily. Thousands of such cases treated successfully to avoid knee replacement.

Case 3: Avascular necrosis of Head of Femur- Known complication of steroid therapy.

Male 32 yrs R/O Ludhiana had AVN of both hips. Operation could be avoided after 4 courses of 20 sittings. Male 45 yrs R/O Aurangabad had early AVN in Rt Hip. After 20 sittings the X ray was normal.

Case No 4:
Rheumatoid Arthritis - Female 28 yrs R/O Parli. Family history +ve, R.A. factor +ve. Within 6 courses of Acupuncture, R.A. factor became-ve. Complete cured. Female 32 yrs R/O Kolhapur & A female 58 yrs, R/O Aurangabad became RA –ve after 4 & 6 courses of 20 sittings. By now hundreds of such cases have been successfully treated.

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sonal said...

does the AVN of stage 3 cured by acupuncture?
I am 33 yrs old diagnosed with AVN in left hip stage 3 and starting in right. Dr has advised core decompression.
Pl coment on this