Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dr Asim Mahmood From Agha Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan has qualified His Clinical Training at Our Hospital

Dr Asim Mahmood is from The department of Phisotherapy, Agha Khan University Hospital, Karachi , Pakistan. He has completed his internship in Acupuncture Department at Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia. He stood as best Student of the Year 2011 and received his certificate from prof Dr Nik Omar.

He left with his philosopher mind

" Nayar Bivi or Purani ghadi, do nor , muskhil heee' TQ Asim


asim said...

I must say that it was my wonderful experience of learning Clinical Acupuncture with Prof Dr Nik Omer and his team. The way he teaches and give confidence to treat patients with all possible complains and diseases, it was amazing in this era.
During my stay in Kota Bharu at the main campus of Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture, I did not only learn the Acupuncture, I also find very caring, loving and energetic faculty members especially Prof. Dr Nik Omer and Dr Nik Badrual.
During my stay I also experienced the beauty of nature at Kota Bharu especially to see different unique birds and taste different type of fruits.
I also very impress with the hospitality of Prof. Dr Nik Omer who always give me confidence and support.
According to my experience I highly recommend all the individuals who want to learn and improve there skills in Acupuncture, must get the benefit from the experience of Prof Dr. Nik Omer.
I wish and pray for long and healthy life of Prof Nik Omer and may Allah give all his blessing on him.

Acupuncture Malaysia said...

It is our duty to guide you in Classical Chinese Medicine of Acupuncture. I am impressed with your keen interest in this classical acupuncture, and hope that you can popularize this form of treatment in your country of Pakistan, and will be of great help to solve the health problems of the country

Tq and I wish you a great success

Your Master Dr Nik Omar

Acupuncture Malaysia said...

I hope that the art and science of acupuncture will be well promoted in your country through your goodself and your organization, as it can become useful and is also very economical, natural and holistic approach.
No drugs, no poison and no steroid used in Acupuncture.

Acupuncture in Pain Relief Without Drugs.

Wish you good luck

TQ From
Acupuncturist Nik Badrul