Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Acupuncture Courses in Malaysia

Our garden at main campus in Kelantan

Acpuncture Campus at Kelantan 500 km from Kuala Lumpur
Compound 11.5 acres of land

Our Kuala Branch

Department of Acupuncture
Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia ( Regist Roc No. KT 44530-H)

Has offer Acupuncture Clinical Training to all student from year 2011 - 2015

There are two type of Study

1. Full Time Clinical Training at Our Acupuncture Medical Centre
2. Intensive Clinical Training

The Course are open to Malaysian and Foreigner.

The Subject Study cover all the basic Acupuncture Skill including

1. The Study of Chinese Medicine
2. Acupuncture Terminology
3.Theory Yin and Yang
4. Study of 12 Meridian + 2 Extra
5. Study of Material and Technique
6. Dangerous Acupuncture Points
7. Contraindication and Prohibited Points
8. Needling
9. Technique of Puncturing
10. Outdoor case taking
11. Clinical / Practical at our hospital

We will cover all the basic that you need according to credit hours that your need.
The study is flexible according to you

Language of learning: English and some Chinese wording

Place of Learning: Kuala Lumpur or Kelantan

Intake: First Week of Every month - starting Janury 2011

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