Monday, August 10, 2009

Acupuncture Department , Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia

Name of Student

Dr Huda Abdulla Al Suwaidi From Dubai UAE

Qualified MBBS in 1996 from Al Ain University. In 2000 Obtained her Master Degree - Totality Quality management in Health from Wollongong University, Australia. In 2001 qualified her Ph.D - from Arab Board In Family Medicine, Syria.

In 2006 started register herself as Student of Acupuncture Department of Chinese Medicine, Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia, Pasir Mas, kelantan under Prof Dr Nik Omar.

Job History: Medical Officer at Dubai Hospital and PHC for 13 years at UAE.

Interest: In Chronic manageent with Complementary Treatment in addition to the Chemical Drugs. Especilaly Chronic management by Acupuncture Therapy. In 1n 2009 manage to obtained Diploma in Acupuncture from DCM, FAHOM Malaysia.

In 2006 started the assigment The Role of Acupuncture In Reducing the load of Drug On The patient Suffering from Chronic Dideases with Great deal of Success.

Started affiliating with DCM, FAHOM unedr the Master Prof Dr Nik Omar of Malaysia, who encouraged me to join and enjoyed the learning experience with the vast experience of Prof Omar.

Future Ambition: to complete my master in Acupuncture next year.

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